Water Soluble Coolant Recovery System

Product Presentation

Emulsion coolants are widely used to dissipate the heat generated during the machining processes and as a lubricating agent. After a period of usage, the coolant gets contaminated by tramp oil, chips, burrs and also develops bad smell due to bacterial contamination. In this state, the coolant can no longer be used and has to be disposed off.

Our InstaPure emulsion coolant recovery systems can be used to recycle and reuse the metal working fluids. Our System has the following components:

The recovered coolant in emulsion form can be reused back in the machine tool directly for atleast 6 times, leading to coolant purchase savings of upto 85%.

Special features of our equipment: Compact, Modular, Mobile scalable and adaptable to all types of coolants viz mineral oil based, semi-synthetic type and synthetic type coolants.

You can find more information about our INSTAPure systems by downloading the product presentation from the links below. You can also view the photo gallery, which has pictures of our systems.


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