Oil skimmer

The oil skimmer consists of an oil collection tank mounted with vacuum pump, level switch and Floating strainer, screw pump, band heater respectively.

When the vacuum pump is switched on it start to create a vacuum inside the oil collection system due to which it starts to suck out the oil floating in the top surface of oil collection tank by using floating strainer.

The floating strainer is designed in such a way that it has to suck out the oil which is floating along the top surface of the oily water collection.

For this purpose the floating strainer is designed to float in the top surface of oily water collection tank and at the same time to suck out the oil. The strainer is made by using PVC material to withstand corrosion and other chemical factors.

When the oil in oil collection tank reaches the maximum level, the level switch will give electrical signal to switch off the vacuum pump and simultaneously it switched on screw pump and band heater respectively.

The oil in the oil collection system start to transfer from the collection system to separated oil storage tank by means of screw pump.

The band heater is a circular in shape and which able to hold the pipelines. The semi-solid oil which passes through the band heater get dissolved and then moves to the oil storage tank.

This type of oil skimming system is very useful to separate the oil and at the same transfer it to required area.


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